Become a Luxury in Business Retreats® Member

The industry’s first membership for Retreat Professionals on a mission to help ALL retreat professionals earn more money in the retreat business.

The global membership is for:

  • Hosts / Leaders
  • Coordinators / Facilitators
  • Travel Agents
  • Venue Owners
  • Chefs & Food Service Providers
  • Photographers & Videographers
  • Body Workers
  • Workshop Presenters
  • Coaches 
  • Wine & Spirits Vendors

The goal is to connect, collaborate, refer, and contract with others in the industry to help you grow your INCOME while growing your IMPACT. 

Sadly, too many in the retreat industry have become martyrs – sacrificing profit in the name of transformation – but Luxury in Business Retreats® is on a mission to change that!

We want YOU to learn, grow, and profit with us. Become a Luxury in Business Retreats® member today!

What’s Included

  • 1-3 Retreats per year
  • Private retreat business coaching
  • Library of recorded masterclasses
  • Live masterclasses and workshops
  • Group community and support
  • Directory of preferred retreat vendors
  • Annual business listing in directory of preferred vendors

Benefits of Membership

  • Priority booking on newly released retreats
  • First dibs on the room of your choice
  • Guaranteed private room at all standard retreats
  • Discounts of VIP upgrades
  • Discounts on all La Premiere retreats*

Upcoming Member Retreats

Selfoss, Iceland (Sept 21-26, 2024) SOLD OUT

Palm Beach, Florida (Feb 5-9, 2025)

Champagne, France (May 17-22, 2025)

Business Class Membership

Only $777/month for 12 months
1 retreat per year
1 business strategy call
1 post-retreat call

First Class

Only $1444/month for 12 months
2 retreats per year
1 business strategy call
2 post-retreat calls

La Premiere

Only $2111/month for 12 months
3 retreats per year
1 business strategy call
3 post-retreat calls



What's the difference between Standard and La Premiere Retreats?

Standard retreats are our most commonly hosted retreats and are priced within our standard rates. Most standard retreats are semi-inclusive.

La Premiere retreats are upgraded retreats and are priced at premium rates. Most La Premiere retreats are all-inclusive.


What room type is included in the membership?

All memberships include private rooms.


What else is included in each retreat?

Inclusions and bonuses vary by retreat. All retreats include 5-star accommodations, food & beverage package, cultural experiences, and business development workshops/coaching. For the full list of inclusions and bonuses for your redeemed retreat, visit the individual retreat page.


How long must I be a member before I can go on retreat?

You can become a member today and go on retreat as early as next month.


How do I redeem my retreats?

You can redeem a retreat by completing the Retreat Redemption Form included in your Welcome Email. 


Can I attend additional retreats beyond what's included in my membership?

Absolutely! Your membership includes 1-3 retreats per year depending on the tier you chose. If you would like to attend additional retreats above what’s included in your membership, you can upgrade your membership or purchase additional retreats at a discounted rate. Additional retreats are subject to PIF prices. 


What happens if I redeem a retreat and need to cancel?

You can cancel a redeemed retreat more than 91 days in advance of the retreat. You will then have the ability to transfer your retreat redemption and any/all upgrade fees to another retreat within the twelve (12) month membership term.

Cancellations made within 90 days of a redeemed retreat cannot be transferred, and any/all retreat redemptions and  upgrade fees will be forfeited.