Become a Luxury in Business Retreats® Member

Membership gives you exclusive access to all Luxury in Business Retreats® within 1 year of enrollment. For one low monthly payment, you can attend 1 or 2 retreats a year! Our 2023/2024 retreat lineup includes:

2023 Retreats

Aruba (Feb 8-12)
Tanzania (July 14-21)*
Switzerland (Oct 7-12)

*La Premiere Retreat

2024 Retreats

Florida (February)
Ireland (May)
Iceland (September)*

Benefits of Membership

  • Affordable monthly payment plan
  • Priority booking on newly released retreats
  • First dibs on the room of your choice
  • Guaranteed shared room at redeemed retreat(s)
  • Discounts on private room upgrades
  • Discounts on upgrade packages
  • Discounts on all La Premiere retreats*

Business Class Membership

Only $555/month for 12 months
1 standard Retreat per year

First Class

Only $999/month for 12 months
2 standard Retreats per year
1 La Premiere Retreat per year*



What's the difference between Standard and La Premiere Retreats?

Standard retreats are our most commonly hosted retreats and are priced within our standard rates. Most standard retreats are semi-inclusive.

La Premiere retreats are upgraded retreats and are priced at premium rates. Most La Premiere retreats are all-inclusive.


What room type is included in the membership?

All memberships include shared rooms. Private room upgrades are available to all members at a discounted rate.


What else is included in each retreat?

Inclusions and bonuses vary by retreat. All retreats include 5-star accommodations, food & beverage package, cultural experiences, and business development workshops/coaching. For the full list of inclusions and bonuses for your redeemed retreat, visit the individual retreat page.


How long must I be a member before I can go on retreat?

You can become a member today and go on retreat as early as next month.


How do I redeem my retreats?

You can redeem a retreat by emailing us with the name, location, and dates of the retreat you would like to attend. You will then have the option to reserve a shared room as included in your membership or upgrade to a private room.  


Can I attend more than 2 retreats per year?

Absolutely! Your membership includes 1 or 2 retreats per year. If you would like to attend additional retreats above what’s included in your membership, you can purchase additional retreats at a discounted rate. Additional retreats are subject to PIF prices. 


What happens if I redeem a retreat and need to cancel?

You can cancel a redeemed retreat more than 91 days in advance of the retreat. You will then have the ability to transfer your retreat redemption and any/all upgrade fees to another retreat within the twelve (12) month membership term.

Cancellations made within 90 days of a redeemed retreat cannot be transferred, and any/all retreat redemptions and  upgrade fees will be forfeited.