Coaching for Retreat Hosts

Hi! I’m Erin, the Go-To Retreat Expert. I have helped countless retreat hosts sell out their retreats and make $25k – $50k or more in profit from a single retreat. Using my proven system for pricing, planning, and promoting retreats, I can help you sell out your next retreat and make the money you always desired while traveling the world and providing transformational experiences for your clients for years to come!

DIY Ultimate Retreat Bundle


How to Price Profitable Retreats That Sell Out
How to Create Retreat Memberships
How to Build a Retreat Business
The Things You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know
How to Market a Sold Out Retreat

30-Day Retreat Host Coaching


The Ultimate Retreat Bundle
Four weekly calls (30min each)
One month Voxer Coaching
Retreat pricing spreadsheet
Retreat membership spreadsheet